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Gluten free pancakes for sweet lovers and weight loss.

Do you have a sweet tooth but still want to lose weight? Then I have something that you will gonna love.

A gluten-free pancake recipe for sweet lovers and weight loss. It is poor in calories, only 121 calories per 100 g and you can enjoy it every single morning. I cook it almost every day because it’s fast and easy to cook it, And it takes about 25 minutes. I’m just hooked to it.

The recipe is my improvisation. I like to experiment with gluten-free products. My target is to prepare gluten-free food the same tasty as the normal one, or better.

I love to eat this food in the morning or in the evening with a cup of fruit tea without sugar.

You can serve the pancakes with honey, jam, or different types of fitness sauces with 0 calories. I eat them with honey, that’s my personal preference.

For me, one serving is about 200 g of pancakes topped with 25 ml of honey and 2 strawberries which will result in 270-280 calories. And believe me, this is more than enough to have a full stomach not to feel hunger, as I’ve never liked to be on diet. For me diet = starvation. And that’s a no-go baby…

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Gluten free pancakes for sweet lovers who want to loose weight.

Recipe by CristinaCourse: Breakfast, sweetsDifficulty: Easy
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Proteins / 100 g


Fat / 100 g


Carbohydrates / 100 g


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  • 150 g of low fat quark

  • 2 eggs

  • 60 ml of milk

  • 40 g of gluten free flour

  • 4 g of baking powder


  • Incorporate the eggs with the low fat quark.
  • Pour in the milk
  • Add the flour and the baking powder
  • Pour a little bit of sunflower oil on a skillet and spread it well on it’s surface with a kitchen paper.
  • Bake the pancakes on a medium power for about 30 seconds to 1 minute on each side (or in dependence of your stove).
  • Serve the pancakes with honey or jam and your favourite fruits.

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